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TMJ Treatment

Your temporomandibular joint can be found where the jawbone connects to your skull. This joint, and the muscles attached to it, are responsible for the free movement of your jaw. Complications with this joint can make eating and speaking difficult to impossible, often involving a significant amount of pain. Dr. Hofer at Scarsdale Dental Team is proud to provide treatment options for patients in the Scarsdale area living with TMJ.

What Are Non-Surgical Treatment Options Available for TMJ?

If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with TMJ Disorder, Dr. Hofer will typically suggest non-surgical treatments as a first approach. The usual treatment options that are attempted before surgery is suggested include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relievers – Over the counter medication is often sufficient to treat this condition, but stronger options may be made available if necessary.
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants – While typically used for depression, they have been shown to aid in pain relief in cases of bruxism and insomnia.
  • Muscle Relaxants – These often provide relief from muscle spasms that cause TMJ pain.
  • Physical Therapy – The use of exercises to help strengthen and stretch the muscles of the jaw.

Other treatment options may be suggested based on the specific details of your case, but these are the most common. If non-surgical treatment options aren’t effective, then surgery may be prescribed.

Benefits Of Receiving TMJ Surgery

Receiving corrective jaw surgery may be the last resort for TMJ treatment, but its benefits cannot be understated. Those who live with pain from TMJ complications know how difficult it can make things like eating and speaking. When all non-surgical options have been attempted, TMJ surgery can provide the following benefits:

  • Relief From Pain – This is the most sought after result from TMJ surgery, a relief from the pain that plagues those with unresolved TMJ issues.
  • Improved Bite – TMJ issues involving jaw alignment can cause difficulties in proper chewing and can make enjoying certain foods difficult.
  • Clear Speech – If your jaw isn’t moving as it should, it can make speaking clearly challenging to impossible.
  • Relief From Lockjaw – One potential effect of TMJ Disorder is locking of the jaw caused by complications from the condition. TMJ Surgery can ease these symptoms.

Questions To Ask Your TMJ Oral Surgeon

Have We Exhausted All Non-Surgical Alternatives?

By the time Dr. Hofen suggests TMJ treatment, all non-surgical options have been exhausted.

What Will TMJ Surgery Be Like?

This surgery is a reliable option for treatment, with a high rate of success. While a positive outcome can’t be guaranteed, complications are rare.

How Should I Prepare For My Surgery?

If you’re a smoker, you should stop all tobacco use 24 hours prior to the surgery. Dr. Hofen will advise if you need to cease taking any medications you’re on.

What Are The Risks With TMJ Surgery?

While complications are rare, one of the most common involves a permanent loss of range of motion in the jaw. Loss of sensation and injury to the facial nerves are also possible.

If you have further questions about TMJ or would like help getting relief from symptoms related to TMJ disorder, call our offices at 412-758-1864 today. Our staff will schedule an appointment with Dr. Jesse Hofer at our 495 Central Park Avenue location in Scarsdale, NY. During this visit, you’ll undergo a full dental exam and receive a consultation on options for treating your symptoms.

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