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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a time tested method of protecting your teeth against the ravages of decay. From children to adults, every dental patient can benefit from the defense against tooth decay offered by this treatment. Research has shown that patients who get their dental sealants done earlier in life have a far greater chance of avoiding complications associated with decay. Dr. Jesse Hofer works with the experts at Scarsdale Dental Team to provide exceptional dental care for the local community. Find out how dental sealants can enhance your lifelong oral health below.

Benefits Of Getting Dental Sealants

  • Avoid Dental Costs – Dental sealants prevent you from suffering the costs of a cavity by reducing the risk of them developing.
  • Time-Saving – Rearranging your schedule around the treatments necessary to correct damage from decay can be inconvenient and costly. By reducing the risk of decay, dental sealants save you time.
  • Improve Health – Good oral health has been shown to be the key to improved overall health. Dental sealants help prevent problems with oral health, helping your overall health.
  • A Simple Solution – This treatment is easy to get and will last for years past the date you get them done. This makes it a great preventative measure to take as part of your child’s oral health.

Questions To Ask Your Dr. Hofen About Dental Sealants

Who Are Good Candidates For Dental sealants?

Sealants are a good oral health decision for everyone, but children and teenagers typically have the most to gain.

When Should I Get Myself Or My Children Sealants?

The best way to make the most of the benefits of having dental sealants is by getting them as early as possible. Whether you’re asking for a child or yourself as an adult, now is the time.

Does Getting Dental Sealants Hurt?

The process used to apply dental sealants is entirely painless and takes no time at all. Dr. Hofer will dry the target teeth and apply an acidic gel to etch the surface. This gel will be rinsed away, and the area will be dried again. The sealant will then be applied to the tooth and cured using a blue light.

Are Dental Sealants Expensive?

Dental sealants usually run somewhere between $35 and $60 for every tooth being sealed. While the upfront cost may seem steep, the long term savings cannot be understated.

If you’ve got more questions about dental sealants and whether they’re right for you, contact our office by dialing 412-758-1864. Our helpful staff will arrange an appointment with Dr. Jesse Hofer at our clinic at 495 Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale, NY. Scarsdale Dental Team is proud to be providing exceptional preventative dental care to our patient family. Taking steps to protect your teeth early by getting dental sealants is a surefire way to keep your oral health care costs down over the long run. Don’t wait for decay to set in, give us a call and arrange to get your teeth sealed today!

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