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Root Canals

Of all the restorative dentistry treatments out there, root canal treatments are likely the most maligned. This is unfortunate as they are one of the most important tools available for the elimination of decay and preservation of teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted. Scarsdale Dental Team provides root canal treatment services for their local community under the guidance of Dr. Jesse Hofer. If you’d like to discover more about our services and the benefits of root canal treatments, keep reading.

What Are The Benefits Of A Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatments are a powerful tool in Dr. Hofen’s kit for the preservation of your natural teeth in the face of infection and decay. There’s a common misconception that root canals are a painful procedure, when in fact, they are most often used to relieve existing pain and save your tooth. The following are some of the benefits of receiving root canal therapy.

  • Halts Infection – Pain in the teeth is often caused by an infection within the interior space of the tooth. Root canal therapy eliminates this infection and protects neighboring teeth.
  • Saves Your Tooth – One of the central aims of dentistry is to preserve your natural teeth. Root canal treatments accomplish this when extraction may be the only other alternative.
  • Protects your Jawbone – Preserving your natural teeth helps to ensure your jawbone doesn’t deteriorate as the result of missing teeth.
  • It Improves Overall Health – By eliminating the infection in your tooth, you also eliminate the possibility of it spreading and reduce inflammation.

Questions To Ask Dr. Hofen Before Your Root Canal Treatment

Why Did I Develop A Root Canal Infection?

In most cases, infections of the root canal system are the result of decay and gum disease. Only an exam will reveal the exact reasons.

Is It Necessary To Receive A Root Canal?

If you have an infection present in your root canal, this treatment is absolutely necessary to ensure the elimination of the infection. The infection will not go away on its own.

How Do I Ensure My Root Canal Is Successful?

The best way to ensure your root canal treatment is successful is by following your dentist’s instructions for post-treatment care. This often includes gentle brushing and flossing near the treatment area and avoiding sticky or crunchy foods. This is especially important on the side where the root canal was performed.

If you’re suffering from symptoms associated with a root canal infection, including tooth pain, gum swelling, and the presence of abscesses, give our office a call today. You can call us at (412) 758-1864 to make an appointment with one of our skilled dental staff, or drop by our offices at 495 Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale, NY. Root Canal Treatments are an essential part of saving teeth that have deep infections from needing to be extracted. Nothing can do the job of your natural teeth as well as they do, so preserving them is your dentist’s primary goal. Call today to take the next step to preserve yours.

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