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Fluoride and Decay Prevention

Fluoride has been clinically shown to strengthen teeth over time and protect people’s teeth from tooth decay. The American Dental Association endorses fluoride for preventing cavities, making it viable for better dental health patients. At Scarsdale Dental Team, we provide fluoride treatments for all our patients, as it is a great option for strengthening the enamel of teeth and helping prevent the onset of cavities and tooth decay.

How Fluoride Protects Teeth

As a naturally occurring element, fluoride is the chemical ion of fluorine, one of earth’s most commonly found elements. It works to rebuild teeth by rebuilding lost calcium and phosphate; minerals present in saliva that, when combined, help build protective layers along with the enamel of the tooth. Without fluoride, the teeth can be affected by cavity-causing bacteria that produce acids that attack and wear down the enamel over time. Because enamel is the hardest bone in the body, enamel plays an essential role in protecting the teeth’ inner layers that contain the nerves and tissues that support the tooth. However, once damaged, it cannot be replaced, so fluoride helps to replenish lost enamel by rebuilding the layers, and fighting off cavities in the process.

We endorse fluoride treatments as an effective way to prevent cavities. It reduces the amount of acid, repairs tooth enamel over time, and chemically strengthens the enamel, making it less susceptible to acid erosion. Community water systems put fluoride into drinking water to protect people’s teeth from cavities and reduce dental care costs. While each community’s fluoride treatment guidelines vary, our team at Scarsdale helps both children and adults with fluoride treatments.

The Benefits of Our Fluoride Treatments

Our fluoride treatments are painless and beneficial, and during your appointment, we will administer a fluoridated gel or foam and place it along with your teeth. These treatments can be administered at your twice a year checkups and cleanings, and the treatments take only a few minutes to complete. Our treatments come with the most professional products that allow us to help prevent decay and protect teeth effectively. Because tooth decay is the most reoccuring health issue, fluoride treatments can:

  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Help strengthen enamel
  • Stops tooth decay from worsening
  • Helps provide a foundation for effective treatment

Common Questions Asked About Fluoride

Isn’t fluoride harmful to ingest?

In large quantities, yes. Fluoride can result in dental fluorosis in children if ingested in high concentrations. It can lead to bone diseases like skeletal fluorosis and contribute to thyroid problems later on. However, because the use of fluoride is highly regulated in dental products and community water plants, the amount of fluoride treatment is minimal. It has a very low probability of affecting people.

Can adults benefit from fluoride?

Yes, because fluoride can protect teeth from decay throughout their life, especially from gum line recession and remineralize teeth.

What sources can I get fluoride from?

You can get fluoride treatments from drinking water, toothpaste, and special fluoride treatments. Drinking water treated either naturally or systematically is safe to drink, and toothpaste can help protect teeth in the long run through routine oral care with brushing twice a day.

Dr. Hofer encourages preventative dental care as a primary goal at his practice and hopes to educate his patients about the best practices for oral hygiene. Whether you require Invisalign, implants, or just a regular checkup, Dr. Hofer and his team will help you achieve better oral health with excellent patient service and professional treatment options. Contact Dr. Hofer today to make an appointment.

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