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Dental Health and Your Diet

Diets and dental health are intricately connected with one another because what you eat determines your oral health in the long run. Every food that comes into contact with your teeth impacts your health, and because unhealthy American diets tend to consist of processed, sugary foods that damage teeth over time. Because of the impact that diet has on dental health, our dentists at Scarsdale Dental Team offers nutritional guidance specifically for the teeth, offering resources and educational materials that can help our patients make healthier choices about their diet and help protect their teeth from cavities.

Our Tips for Healthy Dental Diets

Eating healthy is about mindfulness – it’s about reducing the risks of enamel erosion and tooth decay through awareness of how that food will either harm to benefit your overall health. Because bodies are complex machines that grind and digest a wide variety of foods, we recommend that our patients focus more on the nutrients that their foods give, and how that food will impact their lives in the future. Some of our recommended, wise choices for nutritious foods include:

Skipping sweets – Sugary, sticky foods have a high correlation with poor oral habits. Foods high in sugar, such as energy drinks, candies, cereals, and canned fruits, tend to deteriorate the enamel of the tooth and build dental plaque up quicker, making it more difficult to get teeth cleaned.

Limit Teeth-Staining Foods  – Tea, coffee, and red wine are more likely to stain teeth because of the color pigments called chromogens, which attach and embed into the tooth enamel. To help avoid these stains, drink more water to help wash away these staining properties.

Look for anti-inflammatory foods –  Foods such as whole grains, blueberries, nuts, and salmon have anti-inflammatory properties that help retain healthier gums and fewer teeth loss. Those who typically eat foods with saturated fats, carbohydrates, and higher caloric intakes tend to have poorer oral health along with body health.

Eating calcium-rich foods –  Milk, yogurts, and cheeses along with nuts and green leafy vegetables tend to have higher amounts of calcium, which helps with bone strength and can help prevent gum disease.

The Benefits of a Dental Diet

Dental diets don’t only contribute to dental health; they contribute towards the overall health of the person. Diets that help provide the nutrients and minerals needed to maintain strong enamel, healthy gums, and better protection against dental diseases. By focusing on a diet that treats both dental health and body health, you’ll be able to receive:

  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis
  • Lessen risk of obesity
  • Early detection of oral diseases

Common Questions of Dental Diets

How can I choose the right foods for my dental health?

Our dentists will be able to help give you a customized nutritional plan by working alongside your primary doctors and giving you the best resources available to help you understand your dental health.

Should I brush my teeth after every meal?

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, meaning either before breakfast and after dinner. Make sure the toothpaste you use contains fluoride to help protect against tooth decay.

Does chewing gum help with my oral health?

Chewing gum can help clean teeth as long as it is sugar-free. Chewing gum helps to remove leftover food and harmful bacteria from the mouth, and can be used to help protect teeth from cavities.

If you’d want to learn more about dental health and its connection with diet, contact Dr. Hofer today to make an appointment. You’ll receive valuable resources for your dental health, as our practice offers services such as regular checkups and dental implants to help improve your oral health over time and give you a healthier, happier smile.

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